🎃Halloween Video Contest LIVE TALK SHOW🎃

Hey friends! What’s your plan for Halloween this year?? I’m hosting LIVE HALLOWEEN CONTEST EVENT TOMORROW on Oct 30th at 8pm on My Popa Yoga Facebook🎃🎃🎃Yaaay!!! Mark your calendar and visit my…

2020 Halloween Contest Registration🎃🎃🎃

Thank you so much for registering 👻

💀Video Upload Due Date: Sunday, the October 18th by 11:59pm

💀Vote Day: Sunday, the October 30th at 8pm-8:30pm (I’ll host a live video on Facebook💕)

💀Theme: “Fun Halloween”!!!  …It’s basically all up to you, but it should make everyone happy/ inspired/ excited/ stimulated. “Spooky FUN”, “Cutie FUN”, “Uptempo FUN”, “Surprising FUN” “Fashionable FUN” …any kind of FUN video is welcome. Be creative♪

💀The video should be 5-60 second long. You’ll need a thumbnail picture as well as the video.

💀For the winner, the person/group will receive a special prize🍱💇‍♀️✨

💀Any question? Please leave a reply on this page or ask Junko.

💀All you need is filling out this form and submit, plan/practice/create a video & a picture, and upload the data to the online file that you will receive after the registration. Then, you’re all set!!!


👻⚠️👻⚠️Please read and understand all the terms BEFORE hitting “Submit” button⚠️👻⚠️👻