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  • I’ve always enjoyed my time there…Junko is a very gracious, kind warm Host 😊🙏 (J.S.)
  • I think her lessons are very good.   I love how she designs her lessons to have a certain theme and we talk about a different Prefecture in each lesson.   I also love how she introduces a new word or phrase on the white board in a question and answer context that we can practice immediately with each other.  I think her lessons are much better organized and definitely more fun than any language lesson class I’ve seen on YouTube. (D.S.)
  • I’m from México, I met Junko a few years ago at ESL class, She’s a very friendly person and very talented.
    She invited me to her cooking class at her home, I enjoy learning about Japanese food and trying new foods, at her meetings everyone was friendly and the food was excellent, I keep coming back to her place or events every time I can and I bring my husband and friends with me. I keep the recipes and I make some at home for my family like Japanese curry, Ton-Jiru pork miso soup, Katsu-Sandwich, rice balls and many others.
    Junko is talented, from cooking classes to doing yoga, I do online Yoga Class with Junko, She Is a wonderful teacher always smiling and energetic, easy to understand because I speak Spanish and English, so even when she is speaking Japanese I just follow her movements, I wouldn’t try yoga if it wasn’t for Junko, it was a perfect opportunity for me, I feel comfortable and relax with a Familiar face. I have so much to learn from Junko . ”I would recommend everyone to check out one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed!! (L.L.)
  • クッキングレッスンには、もう何度も参加していて、これまでに本当に様々な日本料理をみんなで作りました。自分一人だと作らないような料理も、メンバーと一緒だと楽しく料理でき、さらにみんなで食べれるのがいいです。参加者はみんな日本が大好きなので、とても話しやすいし、リピーターも多いので、すぐに仲良くなれます。日本人よりも日本のことに詳しいアメリカ人もいたりして、もうビックリ🤣(E.M.)
  • I really enjoyed her cooking classes. And great time to spend time with friends online. All the dishes were very delicious and simple. My family really enjoyed the food. (R.A.)
  • I participated Junko’s cooking class a couple times. She always comes up with yummy recipes and amazes me with the way she entertains the guests with warm conversations and a lot of smiles 😊 She makes authentic Japanese food even tastier..yes cooking is eventually all about a tasty meal and she knows all about it!  I, myself, am Japanese and still enjoy learning about Japanese food from her! (L.E.)
  • Love all her events and the great teachings she gave me and my son! The food was great n the experience with other people learning Japanese culture is something she can’t take away from me. I learn I’m bad with Japanese language but my son is excellent so…🤗🤗🤗 Also she’s a wonderful host always smiling n encouraging everyone. Wonderful friend as well!! Have nothing but positive things to say about Junko n the experience! Except the time she gave me the look of death but besides that nothing but love here lol! (P.S.)
  • ダブリンに来たばかりで日本人の知り合いが全く居なかったので…何かコミュニティ無いかなって探していたら、meetupで見つけた”Japanese Food and Yoga Lovers”😀日本語レッスンにはアシスタントで参加させてもらって、そこで知り合ったアメリカ人とお友達になれました♪  Organizer のじゅんちゃんと知り合え、活動的でパワフルな人柄に感動!She inspired me a lot⭐️ (Y.S.)
  • Junko has been an amazingly kind and patient Japanese language teacher both in-person and remotely. Her explanations are clear, her lesson plans are well-adapted to my skill level, and she is always punctual! Learning Japanese is a rewarding experience, but can take many years to master. You want a teacher like Junko that can adapt to your needs, and will remain with you for the long-haul. I highly recommend you try a sample lesson, you won’t be disappointed! (D.G.)
  • If you have never been to one of Junko’s events, you are REALLY missing out. I always feel that I’m cheating her when paying her such a small price for such unbelievably elaborate food. I have learned so much about another culture from her. We had another fabulous meal tonight with intricately prepared foods— at least 15 different ones. A bonus is that she has two adorable well-behaved little daughters, whom we sometimes see, plus two kittens, one of whom honored me with a wonderful leg cuddling visit tonight. (D.T.)
  • Dear June, I have had such a great time and got so much enjoyment from your cooking demonstrations. It’s always enjoyable to learn about foods from different countries. You have picked out the most interesting ones from your culture. Making okonomiyaki and takoyaki at home, based on your instructions, has been so much fun. Love the food! Love your enjoyment of life! And I love seeing your adorable well-mannered girls! Thank you so much! (D.T.)
  • I felt immediately welcome when I joined Junko’s cooking classes for the first time. Junko does a great job in creating a friendly and open environment for everyone so that anyone can enjoy cooking Japanese cuisine. I recommend anyone who is interested, even if they have zero experience, to join her classes! (V.C.)
  • Junko is so hospitable and enthusiastic! She shares Japanese culinary culture in a fun, down-to-earth, and. Very delicious way. Thank you, Junko! (A.L.)
  • I think the online yoga classes have been really good! Obviously, in-person would be better, but given the circumstances I think what she has is the best. In general, I think yoga is the physical education that works best online. (N.S.)
  • 毎回その日のテーマに沿って体の色々な部分を伸ばしていくヨガレッスン、飽きずに楽しめます。丁寧な指導で、一つ一つのポーズに対してどのような効果があるのかがよく分かります。少人数制なので、質問もしやすくリラックスでき、参加者とも打ち解けやすい。また何より、オハイオにいながら対面で日本語ヨガを受けれるのが嬉しい。(E.M.)
  • わかりやすく、その回ごとにテーマを決めてレッスンしてくださったので、どこにフォーカスしたら良いのかわかりました🎵また、リクエストを次回以降のレッスンに取り入れてくれたのも嬉しかったです✨(T.G.)
  • 色々な国の方々と並んでのヨガ。 日本語と英語が飛び交う中、チャーミングなじゅんこ先生の笑顔とパワーに癒やされながら、 “言葉を超えるってこういう事なんだな〜”って思いながら毎回楽しくリフレッシュしてます♪ (A.L.)
  • オンラインヨガの日はよく眠れます。寝る前にヨガで体をほぐして、伸ばして、ちょっと温かくなって^_^ 部屋着&頭ボサボサで参加できる、すてきな先生の日本語と英語のユニークなヨガです!(M.H.)

Thank you everyone... I appreciate your all support.
いつも本当にありがとうございます。     Love&hugs, Junko

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Until the day we can feel free to get together again, Stay well and keep in touch!! 

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