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🗻 Shiro-Obi Membership $3/month

If you are new to Junko’s events, this is perfect for you. Start a new journey with me here. 英会話やディスカッション目的であれば、白帯メンバーがおすすめです。

This membership includes:

-Unlimited access to all the videos and the contents.

Enjoy Japanese lessons, cooking and yoga videos anytime you want.

-Access to register for online and in-person events.

Monthly culture exchange discussions, Monthly cooking lessons at Junko’s place, Tailgate Meetings, Seasonal celebrations and many more!

🗻Kuro-Obi Membership $10/month

If you would like to invest a little more to Junko’s Club, and if you are interested in yoga lessons, this will be perfect for you. Thank you so much for all your support and loyalty.  英会話やディスカッションに加えて毎週金曜の無料オンラインヨガレッスンもご希望であれば、黒帯メンバーがオススメです。

This membership includes:

-All the features of Shiro-Obi membership

-The VIP events (FREE dinner meetings, etc)

Weekly yoga online lessons (FREE)

-Sponsor functions 

If you’re planning to advertise your business on this site, please choose this membership so we can create a new content together and you’ll be able to talk about your business or your group. Junko will contact you shortly! Let’s talk!


What do “Shiro-Obi” and “Kuro-Obi” mean?? 

There are levels in Karate, Japanese marshal art. Shiro-Obi means “White belt (Beginners)” and Kuro-Obi means “Black belt (Advanced)”.

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