Japanese Games

Traditional Japanese Games You Must Know
  • Janken ジャンケン (Rock, paper, scissors)
  • Oni Gokko おにごっこ (a game of tag) / Keidoro (a team game of tag)
  • Kakurenbo かくれんぼ (hide and seek)
  • Kendama けんだま (ball and cup)
  • Yo-yo- ヨーヨー (playing yo-yo)
  • Menko めんこ (a card flipping game)
  • Karuta かるた (a card game of Hiragana, Japanese letters)     etc,etc

There are lots of them that are the same and/or similar to American games. I’ll talk about my family’s favorite games here. Import it to your family/friends’ parties!!! You’ll be a star🎵

Straw Worm Game 🐛
Suika Wari 🍉 Water Smashing Game
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