Different Cognitions🇺🇸🇯🇵

I’ll talk about a range of different cognitions to share my thoughts and Japanese culture with you🤣. It was a lot of fun to have all the people from different countries in Culture Exchange Discussion in July!

Not sure what are the right answers of these pictures? Yes, there’s NO correct thing to recognize, I’m sure it varies depends on your background. It’s fun to know different points of views, which you won’t notice from the world you usually see🤪

I got this napkin on the Delta Airlines plane. Okay, they just say to a costumer “You’re pretty NEET”…. ニート(NEET)is a word meaning “Not in Education, Employment or Training”. In Japan, it’s slightly becoming a big problem to have those NEET people under their parental protections. If you’re called “NEET”, you should shame on yourself😂😵😖
I got this dress for my daughter here in the US, because I loved this design❣️ It’s cute, right?? Then, I noticed something wrong with this design…. You might already notice if you’re Japanese…. Right, wearing a kimono with the right side over the left is how dead people wear it. The color of this dress is kimono-like design. I personally don’t care about it, but if I were the design director, I wouldn’t approve it😁
Do you think this toilet is clean or nasty? Actually it varies depends on the place you see it. What about if you’re at an office or a fancy hotel, and you’re in a Women’s restroom. Most ladies would say this is right after cleaning! In Japan, we often tell our kids “Close the lid!”. As a way of assuring others that the bathroom has been cleaned, we fold the bath tissue in triangle shape🤓
I found this poster at a Hilton hotel. Look at the picture, which shows you how to cough/sneeze. The way of covering your mouth is different from coutry to country. In Japan, we cover our mouths by our hands!! Oh this is worst!! But seriously, I’d never thought of using my elbows to cover my mouth🤣 I think it’s a fantastic idea for sure!! Don’t forget to wear a facial mask though!

As your first look of this picture, how did you think of the chocolate in the picture? “Is this Meijer’s chocolate? Oh, maybe a cheap one…” Some of you might misunderstand like this. “Meiji (Not Meijer! Lol)” is one of the most popular and famous chocolate brands in japan. It’s not a fancy brand, but it’s very tasty!!! If you find “Meiji” chocolate at a Asian market, try and taste of Japanese chocolate♬ 

 Yes, this is a piece of muskmelon. マスクメロン in Japanese as well as English. We have an orange inside 

Let’s share and widen our views together!

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