Japanese Customs and Manners

“Wash your hands!”, I think it’s common to tell our children before we eat in any country. What about “Gargle!”?

In Japan, washing your hands and gargling are “must do things” right after coming back home. “手をあらって、うがいをして。 Wash your hands and gargle.“  Why don’t you import this custom to prevent from getting sick?

How do Japanese people do? Let’s watch the video!


You’re Pretty Neat! 

If you are said like this, you won’t feel bad, correct? As Japanese, most of us will feel really uncomfortable with the word “NEET”. Do you know why?

Let’s find the differences between our culture! It’s always fun to know new stuff.


Japanese Festivals

We have tons of festivals in Japan, especially in Summer. “Hanabi Taikai” the fireworks festivals, “Bon Odori” dance festivals, “Natsu Matsuri”, traditional outside events with lots of “Natsukashii” games, and MANY more.



It’s always fun to know other countries’ traditional games and stuff!

You can import some of Japanese games to your family gatherings.. doesn’t it sound fun??✌️ 

What is the Japanese Way to Raise Children👦👧👶

Let me share some unique Japanese conceptions of raising children. I’ve never thought that the way of raising kids would be “Japanese culture”, but yes, it is different!!!

Hope you found this article interesting. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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