How Does The Event Calendar Work ?

  1. To choose an event, use the drop down to pick what event you want to book. There are the options: 
  2. Choose the event or the lesson you’d like to join, check it and see if the calender shows the date and time.
  3. If a day is beige with white numbers, there are no events nor lessons on that day. If a day is red, all the times are booked by other members.
  4. If a day is white with black numbers, there are events available. Click on the day and choose a time to book.
  5. Please fill out your information so you can receive an email about the details of the event or the lesson.
  6. Click “Submit” and see if it shows you “DONE”.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email to your email address and another email about the event from the host a few days before the event ! 


Looking forward to having you in the lessons and the events!

If you need further assistance, please click here. Thanks!

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