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Junko is hosting Monthly Cooking Event, Culture Exchange Event, Seasonal Event, Japanese Learners’ Meeting and various kinds of Yoga Lessons!!

If you’re a Kuro-Obi member, you’ll be able to attend every event for FREE.

Looking forward to having you all! Thank you for your always support!

If you’d like to be a Kuro-Obi member, please click here and register. I can’t wait to see new friends. Take care and stay safe!!!

All members and their friends are welcome to Monthly Cooking Events!

You can learn how to cook authentic Japanese dishes, taste the real flavors of Japanese food, and get the recipes so you can cook it again and again.

The menu will be decided about two weeks before the event.
You can also check the cooking videos and request what you want to learn at the lesson! Feel free to let Junko know.

Looking forward to having you in the lessons!

The in-person lesson will be $10 per person (Kids under 10 years old are $5).

The online event will be $5 per account of Skype or Zoom. (you’re welcome to join with your family and your friends from the same account!)

Pre-pay is required. Please pay through PayPal to:

 ↑Online Cooking Lessons

↓In-person Cooking Lessons

Let’s connect yourself with other members and new friends!!


We’ll have Halloween Video Contest (Oct.30th on Facebook), Christmas party(December), New year celebration(January), Setsubun celebration (February), Sakura viewing event (April), Summer Potluck (June), and many more!

💡Well, the situation might possibly be changed due to Covid-19, but I’m still hoping that we can do something online. Let’s have fun as much as we can!!!



Let’s talk with other members and get to know each other! FREE for all members!

It’s always fun to know a new culture and new friends from different countries.

Let’s talk about your culture in English.
You can talk about your family traditions or everyday routines or anything that you want to share with other members.
Perhaps you can find yourself special and unique!

This event is FREE for the members (Shiro-Obi & Kuro-Obi members).
I’ll prepare a topic each time to talk about.

Just siting down on the couch and listening to others’ stories are welcome, feel free to join the talk.

Kuro-Obi members!! Junko is hosting FREE weekly online yoga lessons every Friday at 10am(EDT) on ZOOM🧘‍♀️


Junko is a 200RYT certified yoga instructor and have been teaching over 600 students online and in person.
Feel free to join my yoga lessons conducted in Japanese and English with Japanese yoginis.
You can take the lesson wherever you want, whatever you want to wear, whichever your camera is on or off.
Please make yourself comfortable to take the lesson.

It will be great to experience the atmosphere of Japan, as well as an opportunity to connect with your inner self and refresh through yoga practice.

If you can’t make this lesson, consider a private lesson!



Yoga will be a game changer for your life!

If you’re not comfortable with a group lesson or you’re having particular problems on your body, try this private yoga session with Junko.

It’s completely customizable so the menu will meet what you need on that day.
Let Junko know what you’re struggling with, and what kind of feeling you have before the lesson so she can prepare the practice menu only for you.



Online Yoga lesson with Junko


Are you interested in Japanese language?

Are you studying Japanese by yourself?

Do you have any question about Japanese language?

Do you think Japanese is cool but difficult to learn?


This meeting is for all of you struggle with / being interested in Japanese language.

Your level does’t matter, but your passion and curiosity matters.

We’ll talk in English about the language, like how strange Japanese language is, the experience you had in the past, the phrases that you struggle with, etc etc.

Search “Japanese Learners’ Meeting” on the Event Calendar and book your spot today.

$5 / person (Free event for Kuro-Obi members)


❤️Japanese members, advanced Japanese learners are welcome to join! Everyone will appreciate your thoughts and ideas for sure.

Book your spot on the event calendar.

Make sure that you’re logged in so you can reserve your spot! If you’re not a member yet, join us today ♪