New Year’s Cooking ~Ozoni & Osechi🍳

Happy belated new year!!!! The Japanese special dishes for New Year’s Day🎵 Hope you enjoy cooking with me🎵 💡1H Cooking Lesson Video 💡Osechi Recipe 💡Ozoni Recipe

Speed Chicken

  Super easy way to cook a good chicken dish…!! Believe me, it is so very simple & easy!!

🎃Halloween Video Contest LIVE TALK SHOW🎃

Hey friends! What’s your plan for Halloween this year?? I’m hosting LIVE HALLOWEEN CONTEST EVENT TOMORROW on Oct 30th at 8pm on My Popa Yoga Facebook🎃🎃🎃Yaaay!!! Mark your calendar and visit my…

Toro Toro Pork (Super Tender Ribs)

It takes time but the ribs are going to be so tender that you won’t even be able to grab the meat with chopsticks!! Try Japanese flavored ribs, it is so very…