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It's been a big month for me to open this website and create new posts etc. I'd love to share some of my favorite contents in Junko’s Club with you on this newsletter, which will be delivered biweekly.

We had our first event on July 8th, “Culture Exchange Discussion” on Zoom. It was so much fun to talk with charming & humorous members!! I know there were people in the waitlist. PLEASE book your spot on Event Calendar beforehand before it becomes full.
We talked about some pictures that I brought as topics for the night. This is one of the pictures. So.. do you think if it’s clean? Why is the lid open? Is it right after a man used this toilet? or it’s the sign that shows it’s clean???
It was interesting how the pictures and discussion on restroom manners sparked many different thoughts. CLOSE the lid no matter what when you visit Japan and use it, okay? lol
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Latest Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Oh yes, it was not a perfect time to trip out of the state... but we visited there safely and carefully to accomplish our family goal to visit every state in USA before we go back to Japan (maybe in a year)!!
We flew to Salt Lake City, rented a car and went around Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.
Delta airlines, Hilton hotels and Yellowstone National Park had awesome hygiene practices. We felt safe and comfortable. It was pretty crowded in the park but most people were wearing masks and keeping the distance as well.
We saw a black bear and grizzly bears with cubs four times during the stay! The ranger told us that we have more bears close to human area this year because there are fewer tourists due to Covid-19. There will be a bigger chance to come across bears there! Be careful!
Zunda-Mochi is one of my favorite recipe for Summer🌞
Edamame rice cakes... it sounds totally awkward but it’s very famous in Northern area of Japan!
The taste always reminds me of the trip to Sendai, Japan. The earthquake hit them in 2011, it’s been almost 10years, but many people are struggling with getting jobs and houses back.
Zunda-Mochi is absolutely healthy and tasty! Enjoy our summer sweets.

Recipe: Zunda-Mochi


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