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Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)

It’s Summer! Let’s Yakiniku!
If you have been to Japan, you must have had Yakiniku.
Me and my family enjoy BBQ outside almost every weekend recently! We love American food, like pork ribs, beef steaks, hotdogs, etc. But we do miss our Japanese BBQ, Yakiniku! Don’t forget to taste it when you visit Japan by any chance.
Here’s the cooking video for Yakiniku♪ Why don’t you try the awesome Japanese sauce for the ordinary beef steak for your family? Check it out!

Japanese Festivals

In Summer, we have tons of summer festivals in Japan. Hanabi Taikai is a fireworks festival, Bon Odori is a dance festival, Natsu Matsuri is a traditional outside event with lots of “Natsukashii” games, and what not.
You’ve got to wear Summer Kimono called “Yukata” for going to those festivals! It’s always exciting to try new Yukata every Summer as a kid 👘♪
We’ll talk about “festivals” in the Culture Exchange Discussion on Aug 12th & 28th at 8:10pm (Free for the members). Undo-Kai, Japanese Sports Festival is one of them...What is it!?

Obon Holidays on August 13-15th

In the middle of August, many of Japanese companies will be closed for the Obon celebration. It’s one of the most important customs for Japanese people. In the Obon week, we believe that the ancestors’ spirits are coming back to visit their relatives. Japanese people usually don’t have any religion, but we respect our ancestors very much.
We remember the memories with the family members and take time to go to the temples, pray for their ancestors' souls and clean their loved ones' graves.

I Found Some Japanese Snacks💕

Have you been to CAM International Market in Hilliard, Ohio? It’s one of Chinese groceries in Columbus area, big and clean (not smelly anymore lol). I often shop Asian vegetables and ingredients there. They’re doing an awesome job against Covid19, being careful more than any grocery stores!
One of the reasons I often go to the store is that they have a large section for Japanese snacks, like KitKat with many kinds of flavors... You can stop by the store and find your favorite snacks!
“Pokki- (Pocky)” is one of the authentic Japanese chocolate snacks, which is not that sweet but not too bitter..means you can eat it forever lol..
There are tons of other popular snacks out there, but Pocky has been always my NO.1 chocolate snack!
“Koala no Ma-chi (Koala’s March)” is a great choice for children! Chocolate filling is a little sweeter than Pocky but it’s very milky and rich, best matching with crunchy cookies. The taste reminds me of the field trips in my childhood.
“Kyalamelu Ko-n (Caramel Corn)”, my love💕 I found a seasonal Caramel Corn in CAM as well as regular ones. Caramel Corn is one of the best Japanese snacks for sure!! You will need a cup of milk or coffee to enhance the taste. It’s crunchy and very flavorful! I’d strongly recommend it for all ages.

We did it.

We had a blast to prepare homemade miso paste online! It’ll take us about 4months from now to let it fully ferment. I’m sure it’ll be a great success for all of you cooked with us. Thank you for joining us. Can’t wait to open our miso paste in November...I know it sounds FOREVERRR🤣😂😅 I’ll keep it posted here in a newsletter how it goes.
We have five main seasonings that we ALWAYS use for cooking Japanese food. We call these five seasoning “Sa Shi Su Se So さしすせそ”.
“さ sa” is sugar (Satou), “し shi” is salt (Shio), “す su” is vinegar (Su), “せ se” is soy sauce (Syouyu*), and “そ so” is miso paste (Miso). If you have the SaShiSuSeSo seasonings, basically you’re ready to cook Japanese food! Yay!
*Syouyu was written as Seuyu in Edo era.
Of course, we’re using other seasonings as well as the main ones, like ketchup, Worcester sauce, cooking wine, chicken stock, Sesami oil and what not. I wrote some more tips what you have to know before cooking Japanese dishes. Check it out!
Junko is hosting online interactive events and lessons, PLEASE book your spot on Event Calendar beforehand♪ Don’t miss “Culture Exchange Discussion” every second Wednesday and the last Friday every month at 8:10pm... you’ll have a blast. Check out the Event Calendar and find “Monthly Culture Exchange Discussion” from Events&Lessons.
Why don’t you come join the park in-person events as well as her online events. We’ll do another park yoga event on Aug 18th, Sep 3rd and 15th at a park around Dublin/Powell area. $5 at door for everyone (Kuro-Obi members are FREE). Talk to you soon!!!

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