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It’s already the last month of this year.... time flies so quick!! What was your resolution for 2020?? ...Me?? My resolution was improving myself in Golf and Mandarin Chinese!!! Well... I can not say “I did it!” but at least I tried!!! Hehe
We tend to be busy at doing something else and forgot the resolution after a few months unless you wrote it down or keep thinking of it every single day, which is really hard.
I think it’s important to say your dream or goal out loud to your family and/or friends to let it come true. I’m planning to set up an event to talk about your BIG dreams in January❤️ Please rethink of yourself what you’re working for and what you really want to do/be❤️ Go guys!!! 2021 will be an another amazing year for sure!!!

What Is The Most Popular Gift In Your Country 🎁 ??

Holiday season is the happiest AND the most expensive season in the year. Did you buy anything special on Black Friday this year? Are you already ready for Christmas?? What do you usually get to your family, friends or your partner???

Culture Exchange Meeting Topic for December is “GIFT”. Let’s share your experiences and thoughts about giving a gift to someone🎵

December 9th Wed. / 18th Fri. at 8:10pm ...Book your spot today!

Do You Spend Christmas With Your Family OR Couples ??

Christmas is mostly for family in the US. But in Japan, we consider Christmas the most romantic time of the year and most couples are dating on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.
Do you know why we celebrate Christmas. I assume it’s one of the most important Christian events and learned a lot about Christmas in a bible study group that I joined three years ago. Until I joined the group, I had NO idea about the stories behind the Christmas celebration 🎉
Why do you celebrate it? Just enjoy the atmosphere? Or it’s because you’re religious? I’d like know!!

December Cooking Lesson on Tuesday the Dec 15th at 6:30pm-7:30pm

This month, we’ll cook Chicken Nanban, made with fried chicken coated in a crispy batter that is soaked in a sweet & sour sauce.
Chicken Nanban is from Miyazaki prefecture in Japan. Basically it’s Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) with tartar sauce. I personally like Chicken Nanban better than Karaage... Why don’t you try it with your family instead of KFC☺️?
It’s always a lot of fun to cook with friends (Even though it’s not in-person, it’s great to have someone to talk with!)🍳 Join us online and surprise your family with my easy & tasty recipes!!

You’re welcome to join this lesson with your kids and/or friends! Sign up on the Event Calendar, or you can just text Junko♪ Stay healthy and happy!!!
🎍🌅2021🌅🎍I’m hosting another cooking class for Japanese Traditional New Year Breakfast on January 7th at 6-7pm♪ As we’re using Mochi, chicken, etc, it’ll be a healthy & tasty soup for dinner as well♪ Feel Japanese New year vibes in your place!

Japanese Recipe Gallery

Click the pictures and check out all the great recipes!

Warm yourself up! It’s Yoga time!

Join Online Yoga Lessons Every Friday at 9:30am for 40mins ZOOM yoga with Junko🧘‍♀️
She will bring a different theme for each lesson every week. You can also tell her what you’re concerned about and/or which part of your body you want to stretch out, etc. Enjoy the lessons, maintain & refresh your body & inner-self ♪
This is FREE lesson for Kuro-Obi members, $5 /lesson for anyone interested! Looking forward to having you all in my lessons.
Stay warm and in shape, everyone🧘‍♀️

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