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at 6:30-7:30pm

Chicken-Nanban is one of the most popular and famous Japanese dishes especially for younger adults. None of children would hate Chicken-Nanban, it perfectly goes well for beer as well.
Chicken-Nanban is like Karaage, Japanese Fried Chicken with Sour sweet & Tartar Sauce. You WILL enjoy this great combination for sure!!!


January 5th TUE at 6-7pm

I’m hosting another cooking class for Japanese Traditional New Year Breakfast♪ As we’re using Mochi, chicken, etc, it’ll be a healthy & tasty soup for dinner as well♪ Feel Japanese New year vibes at your place!!!
It’s $5/account (FREE for Kuro-Obi members). Hope you enjoy The easy & tasty recipes most by my mom...🤍
Can’t wait to have you in my lesson!!!!
Please pull down “Events&lessons” And choose “Online Cooking lesson”, then you’ll see “5:30” Button in white on Sep 25th. Fill out your information, and click “Done”. You’re all set! You’ll receive the recipe & the details by email. Thanks!

What Do Japanese People Do In The End Of Year??

.....CLEAN UP!!!
(...***k It, I Don’t Want To Do It!!! )
I personally love “Spring Cleaning” more than “End Year Cleaning” ... BUT It’s the time for deep cleaning the entire house for us now! Okay, let’s do it!!

What’s Ohsouji?

Ohsouji is one of important preparations for New Year. Ohsouji, a massive house cleaning done by the end of the year in order to purify the home so we are able to listen to the Japanese temple bell in the new year in clean surroundings.
... Yes, it makes sense in a way, but think of the weather! It’s not the perfect timing to clean up the house inside out! Most places in Japan get as cold as Ohio (well, a little better lol). When I learn “Spring cleaning” culture here, I was very impressed and definitely will import the custom when I go back to Japan🎵

Check out Culture Exchange Discussion (ZOOM)

on December 9th Wed. & 18th Fri. At 8:10pm - 8:50pm

Junko has been setting up the discussion every second Wednesday and every 4th Friday of the month at 8:10pm-8:40pm (December 18th is irregular schedule)! This is a free event for all members🙏
The topic for December is...GIFT!!! You don’t want to give someone special a stupid gift, right🤣?? In different countries, it could happen!! Tell me about your culture. Register from Event Calendar Today🎵
Anyone is more than welcome to join, share your experiences, ask any question! It’s kid-friendly... You can come late, and leave early. Feel free to sign up🎵

Interested in the differences between Japanese culture and US culture? Visit here.. It’s always fun to know new things, isn’t it!!

Looking forward to having you all in the upcoming events. Stay well, everyone!!
Join my Yoga lessons! Especially in Winter, it is very important to promote circulation and stimulation of the lymph by exercises (or even just a walk!) to keep your immune system strong 💪 Yoga is a great way to treat your body and your inner self. Cleanse yourself philosophically & mentally and prepare for the new year...✨
Have you tried Stephanie’s hair salon yet? She just moved to her NEW space in Sola Salon in Powell last month. Did you notice she has Tokyo night view curtains in her space!!! 😂
Check out my cooking videos and recipes! Those are all my favorites!! You can always request Junko for new recipes or monthly cooking lesson🎵
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