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Happy New Year !!

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Everything will be all good, all great, 2021 will be an amazing year for sure!!

New Year is one of the most important events in Japan. I found that Japanese new year is like between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US. Well, there will be no turkey, no pumpkin pie, no cranberry sauce though, families get together for a BIG meal and eat a bunch!
Japanese New Year’s breakfast, Osechi, traditionally includes Sweet Rolled Omelette (Datemaki), Candied Chestnut and Sweet Potatoes Paste (Kurt Kinton), Candied Sardines (Tatsukuri), Sweet Black Soybeans (Kuromame), Herring Roe (Kazunoko), Daikon and Carrot Vinegar Salad (Namasu), Fish Konbu Roll (Kobumaki), Decorative Fish Cakes (Kamaboko), and many more. We decorate all the dishes in Japanese Bento-boxes (Juubako).
Top down shot of Osechi Ryori on a wooden table.
We exchange cards for the new year and give children envelopes with money (not a gift). We also decorate our house with Shimekazari, Kagamimochi, Kadomatsu, etc. Of course, we already imported a lot of traditions from foreign countries. Christmas is one of those. We put on Christmas decors and trees for Christmas. We put them away once Christmas is over, then decorate New year’s decorations on the very first day of new year. It has to be January 1st !! Very punctual, that’s us!! Haha 😆
I can’t imagine how hard it is to change the whole decorations in the shopping malls, department stores, even Tokyo Disney land, etc... maybe they don’t sleep on New Year’s Eve?!?!? It’s always exciting to see the different decorations in different places♪

What Is Resolution for 2021✨???

Now let’s talk about “New Year celebration” & “Resolutions”!!! I think that it’s definitely effective for making your dreams come true to TALK ABOUT IT OUT LOUD!!! If you keep telling about your dreams, I believe that it WILL come true.
Let’s give it a try to share your resolution and/or your dreams in this session. I’d love to hear about it and share my resolution for 2021 to make my new year fulfilled & meaningful!!
New year days (January 1st to 3rd) are very special and unique in Japan. I would love to share the New Year’s custom in the discussion. Please bring any question about Japanese New Year celebration! It’ll be a lot of fun 🤩 Book the event today!

Culture Exchange Meeting on January 13th Wednesday & 22nd Friday at 8:10pm on ZOOM

January Cooking

OZONI(New Year’s Special Soup)

on Tuesday the January 5th at 6pm -7pm

Have you heard of Osechi?? As I mentioned earlier, we have a traditional style of new year meal, which contains A LOT of dishes in Bento-boxes. “Ozoni” is usually besides Osechi, it’s a Japanese very traditional new year’s soup. We usually make this special soup ONLY ONCE A YEAR. The recipe varies from family to family. I’ll introduce my mom’s recipe to you in the lesson. My mom is from Kagoshima prefecture, which is in the south of Kyushu.
It’s always a lot of fun to cook with friends🍳 Join us online and import Japanese culture to your dining♪ Keep in mind that the detail will come to your email address, please check your inbox for the ingredients and prepare them beforehand♪

You’re welcome to join this lesson with your kids and/or friends! Sign up on the Event Calendar, or you can just text Junko♪ Stay healthy and happy!!!

Hope You All Have A Wonderful 2021 🎍🌅🍶🌟


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