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You know what, “Halloween Costume Video Contest” Is coming soon...
Imaging what you can be, and be prepared👻🎃

Let’s Talk About Manners and Customs Today...

Thank you, Mika for sharing the picture! Oh my gosh, look at her kiddos. How well mannered and calm in any situation!
Junko is hosting “Culture Exchange Discussion” twice a month. It’s a free event for all the members of Junko’s culb. Find “Culture Exchange Discussion” on Event Calendar♪

What Is The Japanese Way Of Raising Children???

This question is one of the things that I’ve been asked by American friends most since I came to the US three years ago.
I asked more than 10 Japanese friends, who are currently parenting in Japan. I found it interesting that most of them agreed that we are comparing our children with other children or their parents every time we do something in public. I think it is the biggest difference between Japan and other countries that we care about what others think of us, even though it’s about our family, not others’.
Hum... Japan is such a interesting and/or mysterious country...🇯🇵 Do you wanna know more about the different recognitions? Check this out. I’ll upload this page after Culture exchange discussions, so everyone can review and learn.

School Year 2020 Has Started

It’s been always exciting to see our kids’ faces with full of energy and expectancy to go to school... except for this year. I decided to stop homeschooling and let them take in-person educations at school. It depends on the family whether or not you’re comfortable to let your children go to school. No body knows which choice is better or worse. Hope everything is going well for all the parents and kids...!!!
The thing is... Waka, my younger daughter was dreaming of getting on the school bus with her older daughter every time she saw the yellow buses last year. I just wanted them to be happy and didn’t want them to regret anything in the life in the US.
By the way, We do not have school buses in Japan. All the kids are walking to their schools no matter what!
How’s your family doing? Did you and your family have a good start so far?☺️

Our Family Goal Might Have To Change...

As you already know, Junko’s family goal is to visit every state in the US before we go back to Japan in 2021. But this year has been really tough for us to visit new states, obviously it is because of this craziness going around all of us.
We have to go to 11 more states to complete this mission🤣 But, we won’t choose the goal over our health. Nobody would do if it’s not safe enough. So... I decided to start writing and/or creating videos about all the states we’ve visited on my website / YouTube.
Do you have any request which state to start with? Let me know your thoughts!

Park Yoga🧘‍♀️

On Thursday the 3rd & Tuesday the 15th at 7pm, Junko is holding her Park Yoga Events. It‘s only $5 at door, FREE for Kuro-Obi members.
Park yoga is super refreshing to do yoga outside, feel the wind ruffling your feathers, wale barefoot in the grass, sit and just breathe...✨
Book your spot and come join us. You can pull down “Events & Lessons” And choose “Park Yoga to reserve the event. Can’t wait to do yoga with you!


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