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It’s Summer!

Let’s Cook

Japanese Curry

Free Live Cooking Event

Friday August 21st 6-7pm

Go to Event Calendar, Click “Events & lessons”, Select “Members’ Cooking Event” and choose the date Aug 21st!
We’ll cook the curry from the scratch.. Sounds complicating? No worries, the only spices required for this recipe are curry powder, bay leaves. Use chickens with skins and tomato pieces to further enhance the curry!
Enjoy the taste of Summer...🌞🍛🥄Eat well and stay well.
Did you read the last newsletter about festivals in Japan??
Summer is the season for festivals in Japan! But... all the great annual summer festivals have been cancelled due to Covid-19 this summer in Japan. So very sad.. Shiku-shiku😢 
Well then.. Why not “Talking” about them?? I know American people love those festive things! Let’s find the differences about “festivals”. What is “a festival” for you? What kind of memories do you have? What do you wear? What do you eat there? Those stories make us happy, right?

Check out Culture Exchange Discussion (ZOOM event)

Junko has been holding this discussion event every second Wednesday and every last Friday of the month at 8:10pm-8:40pm! This is a free event for all members🙏 The next one is on Aug.28th! Book your spot now♪

Interested in Park Yoga🧘‍♀️?? It’s refreshing and great for your body as well as mental health!! Junko’s holding another lesson on Tuesday Aug 18th, Friday Sep 3rd, and 15th at 7-8pm including 40mins yoga practice. Bring your yoga mat and let’s do park yoga♪

Also, Don’t miss Weekly Online Yoga Lessons (Free for Kuro-Obi members or $5 at a time). Thank you so much for everyone, who have been attending my lessons and events!!
Did you check the recipe for Chijimi out yet?? Chijimi, Korean pancakes, is one of the Japanese dishes from Korea. We all love Korean dishes, but sometimes too spicy🌶, aren’t they?? My Chijimi recipe is not spicy at all, so even children can eat it. You can make the dish as vegetarian recipe. Enjoy!
The printable recipe is also available for members. Hope you enjoy the contents..!
You got some blueberries?? Try Mom’s recipe of Blueberry preserves♪ It’s super easy and quick, of course it’s healthy as well.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone🌞🌞🌞
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