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Park Yoga Tea & Snack

on Thursday Aug 6 at 7-8pm at A Park

Search “Members’ Tailgate Meeting” on Event Calendar.

Anyone is welcome! 30min Relaxing Yoga $5 at door. Junko will bring some tea. You don’t have to yoga lol🧘‍♀️ Just sit and relax, enjoy chatting with friends. (Don’t forget to wear masks.) Kids will have fun to play around, grown ups will be refreshed and rest your body and soul!
Kuro-Obi Members are free to join!!
On July 17th, we had our first Members’ Tailgate Meeting at a beautiful park, ate homemade Pineapple Mom’s Tarts (Hope you all liked it! The recipe is HERE.), chatted and had a blast! If you’re looking forward to find friends with the similarities, this is the event for you! Don’t miss weekly online yoga class every Friday and biweekly Culture Exchange Discussion on Wednesday and Friday as well. Can’t wait to have you!

Homemade Miso Online Cooking Saturday Aug 1

At 1pm-3pm

Homemade Miso tastes totally different, it lasts forever. It takes 4 months to ferment so don’t worry if you have enough miso right now.
Miso Recipe is Here. You’ll need Soy beans, salt, Rice Koji, and cooking wine and make about 5lb of miso paste, which lasts forever!! Everything is available on Amazon or any Japanese market. The process looks complex, and takes time, but the experience will be unforgettable!! Join us to make miso paste together online!! What you have to do is preparing the ingredients beforehand, prepare for making a mess and wait for the details!
Any questions? Ask Junko!
It’s $5 per an account. Feel free to join with your friends or family. Go to Event Calendar, choose “Members’ Cooking Events”, and select Aug 1st for booking your spot. Kuro-Obi members are FREE to join! Thank you as always!

The Columbus Zoo is reopen now!

We visited there for the first time in a long time and had a blast..♪♪
Are you learning Japanese? I posted a new video for Japanese tips. Check it out!
The zoo is trying to make everybody happy as safely as they can. Visit their website to book the time to visit. It is annoying that we have to reserve the time beforehand, but it can’t be helped for now... 😢💦
You have a wonderful summer ahead!! Take care.

Sushi Rolls

You know what?? We usually don’t call this kind of sushi “Sushi” in Japan. It’s “Maki-zushi”!! We don’t cook Sushi at home, we eat out for Sushi. But Maki-Zushi is one of casual Japanese dishes, which we often cook for our families.
I posted a recipe for Maki-Zushi, which doesn’t contain any row fish so everyone can safely enjoy even in Summer♪
Oh of course, don’t miss new cooking videos and recipes! I added some veggie menus as well as summer dishes!!

Check out Culture Exchange Discussion

(ZOOM event)

Junko has ramped up for online discussions every 2nd Wednesday and every last Friday of the month at 8:10pm-8:40pm (日本時間木曜&土曜9時10分👍). Go to Event Calendar, choose “Culture Exchange Discussion” and select the dates.
Junko will bring some interesting and fun topics including a few surprises for everyone to talk about. You don’t have to prepare ANYTHING, just relax and enjoy the conversation. Can’t wait to see you!
This is a free event for all members🙏
“You’re pretty NEAT??? Oh you must be kidding me! Stop calling me NEET, please?!”
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