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Halloween is just around the corner!!
I got some awesome competitors already. Ahhh can’t wait to see their videos on October 30th at 8pm on Facebook.
The registration is now open, the due date to submit the video is Oct 18. If you have any fun idea for Halloween, please make sure to register and upload the video to the file, which will be sent to your email address after the registration!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Oct. 30th 8pm and open my page on Facebook to watch the LIVE TALK SHOW with Stephanie from Styles By Stephanie, and VOTE to your favorite videos!!!

Share The Event To Your Family & Friends

Hope everyone can watch the videos and have a fun time altogether even though we’re separated this year.... You all have a great time and a lot of fun memories on Halloween 2020🎃🎃🎃 See you all on Friday the Oct. 30th on Facebook
All you have to do is just open my Facebook page on that time!
Happy Early Halloween🎃🎃🎃 See you soon!!!

October Cooking Lesson🍳

Oct.20th Tuesday at 6pm

Junko is holding an online cooking event as always! It is a very casual event, you can just show up and cook with me, or just sit on the couch and chat with me😂👍
Learn this stir-fried vegetable with a wonderful sauce, you can arrange the recipe with any kind of meat or vegetables!!
Hope you can make it🎵

Miso Yasai-Itame

Oh my gosh, you will not be able to stop having white rice with this dish...Miso Yasuki-Itame. It contains tons of vegetables as well as sliced pork or beef (Any kind of meat will be great!). Take my family recipe to your dining table. Your family would LOVE this dish, it’s guaranteed👍

Search Whatever You want To Know.


↑Did you know that you can search the recipe, lesson or any information on my website by searching engine on the top page! Try it out!


(Geijutsu no Aki — “Autumn, it’s the best season for ART.)
I found a very easy technique to create a great art. It’s eye opening how easy and simple it is. Check the video out and import to your family Autumn project! You’ll be awesome! No art background is needed.

You Eat Too Much?

Okay then, consume some energy now! You can jog, walk, dance, play some sports...what about yoga🧘‍♀️?  Hope my members are enjoying the practice videos. I posted some of them including English.
Also, I hear that our brains are consuming a lot of energies as well as our body! Do you want to learn some Japanese? It’s always cool if you know some words in foreign language, isn’t it? I’m posting some fun videos for Japanese beginners. Check them out when you want something new👄
Stay healthy, take care until I see you next time!!!


Check out Culture Exchange Discussion (ZOOM)

Junko has been setting up the discussion twice a month at 8:10-8:40pm. This is a free event for all members and $5 for non-members.
The topic for October is...Fashion!!! Can you guess what is wrong with these beautiful buttocks? Don’t miss the cultural exchange events on Oct 14th, 23rd, Nov 11th & 20th at 8:10pm on Zoom. Register from Event Calendar or just talk to Junko♪ (November theme will be... BEAUTY. All about our skin, body, healthy life, etc).
Perhaps you can not visit Japan with your favorite clothes!! Whaaat?? Let’s learn what are no-no fashions in different countries.

It’ll be fun to hear from you about these Oshiri (bottom) anyways! Lol Interested in the differences between Japanese culture and US culture? Visit here👍
Hope you all enjoy Autumn and stay healthy!!
Take care🍁
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