Halloween Contest



Oh of course!!! Every video was so very awesome!!! BUT, Leon stood out in everything for sure!! What is important is not looks but the quality... You would not think if 2 yo boy sings really well, right? Actually He does sing VERY WELL (Take a look at the video!) He is such a talented boy, who sung the song completely!!! He is definitely not just the sweetest but the best singer ever!!!
Thank you so much for joining Halloween Video Contest 2020, everyone. I truly appreciate for your all support!!!

Message From The Winner

“Thank you everyone for voting and thanks to Junko for organizing this exciting event. It was absolutely fa-boo-lous! 🎃👻
(Lisa, Ohio USA)”

Congratulations, Lisa & Leon—🥳🥳🥳

Everyone’s artworks are HERE...Enjoy belated Halloween 🎃
Thank you so much for everyone for your time and contribution. I truly appreciate your all support!!! Let’s have another fun for Christmas... Any thought or idea?? Let me know🎅🎄🎁❤️ Let’s make it come true and enjoy it as much as we can!! COVID-19 can not stop us!!

Special thanks to Stephanie, the asian hair magician from Styles By Stephanie ✂️✨

Let’s Make Handmade Lotion!!!

This recipe is from my mom, who has a beautiful skin for her age 73 years old. This lotion doesn’t make your skin too oily but makes it even, soothing and bright. Perfect for your pores and pimples on your back as well. Sign up today!!


Monday the November 23rd at 7:30pm-8:10pm on ZOOM.

The link will be sent by email after the registration. Please sign up from Event Calendar (pull down and choose “Beauty Meeting”) or just text Junko.
We’ll talk about our daily routines and the recipe of handmade lotion. (THIS IS USEFUL!!!)
This is a free event for all members🎵$5 for non-members.


Japanese people look young! Everyone says so... but why?
I think it’s because we take care of our skin in good condition. (Maybe we spend too much money & time more than you guys imagine...😂 lol)I do feel jealous when I see foreigners have much longer legs than us.. You all are beautiful. It is obviously NOT FAIR😂😂😂
But when I come to think of the skin, textures, wrinkles, etc, somehow I’m satisfied with my skin as Japanese (Of course, I have minor troubles though!).
I think all we do for our skin are block the sun damages and hydrate for our skin as much as possible. Actually, any American brand lotion or night cream was not enough to moisturize my skin. (My skin is the combination of dry and somewhat oily in a spot😔) So usually I’ve been importing the cosmetics from Japan.
But, things changed because of the pandemic, the international shipping is not easy nowadays.

Yay To Beautiful Ladies 🙎‍♀️✨

I’m planning to hold an online meeting to talk about what is your routine for maintaining your skin and body. Please share your routines, like face massage, exercise, food, or any cosmetics, etc! I need to know it! Of course, men can join us if interested👍
Also, we’ll make a handmade lotion for any skin type. You better try it out. It lasts long and you can use it for your back as well as your face.
All the ingredients are available on Amazon. But I’ll prepare a set of the ingredients for the handmade lotion (You’ll need Glycerin & Urea powder — $5, Porch pickup, Bottle is not included). It’s available to share with you anytime you’re ready to pick up. Let Junko know.
Junko is hosting “Culture Exchange Discussion” twice a month. It’s a free event for all the members of Junko’s culb. Find “Culture Exchange Discussion” on Event Calendar♪
The topic for November is... Of course “beauty”. What is the definition of beauty for you? It’s for sure different from country to country.
🍁Autumn makes you hungry




$5 for joining including the recipes and the video meeting! (Kuro-Obi members are FREE)
To join, just text Junko or register from the event calendar.

...Okay, here’re some great recipes to stuff yourself🍽
....Oh, You don’t know what to buy? Check this page out.
....Oh my, You have some specific ingredients to use for tonight?
You can search here! Try the searching engine.

🍁Autumn is the perfect season for excercising


...Then, Don’t miss Weekly Online Yoga Lesson every Friday at 9:30am (11:30pm JST)!
It’s FREE for Kuro-Obi members.Yes, it is a great deal!
If you become a Shiro-Obi member, you’ll have unlimited access to online discussion events, cooking videos, self yoga practice lessons, and many more.

Can’t wait to have you as a part of my website🇯🇵🤝🇺🇸 Thank you for your all support...!!!
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