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(Shoku-Yoku no Aki — “Autumn, it’s all about appetite”

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Online CookingLIVE Event


at 5:30-6:30pm

Please pull down “Events&lessons” And choose “Online Cooking lesson”, then you’ll see “5:30” Button in white on Sep 25th. Fill out your information, and click “Done”. You’re all set! You’ll receive the details by email. Thanks!

食欲の秋 “Autumn, the season for eating!”

Let’s bake a yummy pumpkin pizza and cook a creamy pumpkin milk soup together♪♪ Those recipes are perfect for Halloween, you’ll be famous with this recipes🎃 You’ll get the recipe after the register so you can prepare the ingredients beforehand. Japanese pumpkin (Kabocha) is preferable, but you may use a butternut squash instead.
It’s $5/account (FREE for Kuro-Obi members). Hope you enjoy my easy & tasty recipes...🤍
Can’t wait to have you in my lesson!

You Eat Too Much?

Okay then, consume some energy now! You can jog, walk, dance, play some sports...what about yoga🧘‍♀️?
Yoga is all about relaxation, it’s totally different from “exercise”. There are so many “Yoga” lessons, which are so very intense and you have to have muscle pains A LOT in those lessons. I am a little sad that kind of “yoga lessons (I wouldn’t call them yoga)” are common here in the US.
Yoga is the time and/or the way to treat / hear / release yourself physically & mentally. Do not push yourself, just enjoy the movement. Feel your body, listen to your breathe. Do not try to mimic the instructor nor other students. You make yourself happy, that’s YOGA🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️
Hope my members are enjoying the practice videos. I posted some of them including English.
Stay healthy, take care until I see you next time!!!
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