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Online LIVE Cooking


at 6:00-7:00pm

Please pull down “Events&lessons” And choose “Online Cooking lesson”, then you’ll see “5:30” Button in white on Sep 25th. Fill out your information, and click “Done”. You’re all set! You’ll receive the recipe & the details by email. Thanks!

食欲の秋 “Autumn, the season for eating!”

I want to have healthy & tasty food, but I AM BUSY!!! Yes, I understand. No worries, people. I’ll introduce you to make SUPER EASY & QUICK Japanese recipes this time.
You’re not good at cooking? You’ll be perfect to try to join this one. You’ll have healthy & tasty food ( main dish, soup and side dish) in 30mins!!
It’s $5/account (FREE for Kuro-Obi members). Hope you enjoy my easy & tasty recipes...🤍
Can’t wait to have you in my lesson!!!!

What’s Your Routine???

Let’s talk about “Definition of beauty”, “Healthy routine”, “Best cosmetics or food”, “Favorite saying to be positive”, anything related to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Check out Culture Exchange Discussion (ZOOM)

Junko has been setting up the discussion every second Wednesday and every 4th Friday of the month at 8:10pm-8:40pm! This is a free event for all members🙏
The topic for November is...BEAUTY!!! Can’t wait to hear your stories and/or everyday routines.
Join us on November 11th Wed / 20th Fri at 8:10pm on Zoom. Register from Event Calendar Today🎵
Interested in the differences between Japanese culture and US culture? Visit here.. It’s always fun to know new things, isn’t it.
We did it ~Special thanks to Stephanie from Styles By Stephanie ✂️💇‍♀️
Did you check out the new videos for Japanese learners? All the videos are for beginners. Talk to your kids or friends in Japanese! Simple and easy phrases are available... check it out!
Autumn is the season for the food!!!! 食欲の秋!!! I uploaded some new recipes and cooking videos. Don’t miss it... Those are all my favorites♪ If you have any question, let Junko know!!
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