Autumn Has Come


Recipes To Warm Your Heart —Toro Toro Pork Ribs

It’s been always exciting to see my girls’ faces with full

Did you try Chan-Chan Yaki Yet??

Those are all my hubby’s favorite recipes. You know what, most of Japanese men are not that good at cooking. Well, some are, of course.

Cooking Class on Tuesday on Oct 20th at 6pm

Join me at an online cooking event!! We’ll cook Miso Yasai-Itame (Stir-fried vegetables with miso paste), which goes REALLY well with cooked rice. The sauce is my family recipe, you can arrange it with any kind of ingredients, like any vegetables, pork or beef, even you may use seafood as well.
Sign up and book your spot from Even Calendar (Choose “Online Cooking”), or just talk to Junko♪

October-November for Shichigosan Photo Shooting📸

If you visit Japan in October or November, you’ll see some children in Kimono taking family pictures at a park or a shrine!
We celebrate the year, when your child becomes 3 years old / 5 years old / 7 years old. The celebration is called “Shichi-go-san” as the numbers of 7(Shichi), 5(Go) and 3 (San). We’ll take a family photo, have a nice dinner, visit a shrine to pray for the bright & healthy future for the kiddo.
Junko is hosting “Culture Exchange Discussion” twice a month. It’s a free event for all the members of Junko’s culb. Find “Culture Exchange Discussion” on Event Calendar♪

Are You Ready For The Halloween Contest???

It doesn’t have to be spooky or scary, Japanese Halloween is much milder than the one in the US. Let’s be competitive here. Please register for the contest, and send your original video by Oct 18th at 11:59pm👻💀🎃

LET’S HAVE AN ONLINE LIVE PARTY on Friday, October 30th at 8-8:30pm on Facebook

Add Junko’s Yoga & Japanese Culture Facebook page as your friend, and mark your calendar for voting! It’ll be great IIif you can share with your friends and family to make this fun event more exciting!!!
Can’t wait to have your videos and hear your thoughts at the event👻✨
Special thanks to Stephanie from Styles By Stephanie


🍁Autumn makes you an aritist

We had really a good time to do “Pouring Art (Fluid Art)” with my kids. It was pretty easy and very interesting approach to create something surprising you!
Watch my new video to see the art and learn some Japanese♪
🍁Autumn makes you hungry


...Okay, here’re some great recipes to stuff yourself🍽

🍁Autumn is the perfect season for excercising


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