🎃Halloween Video Contest LIVE TALK SHOW🎃

Hey friends! What’s your plan for Halloween this year??
I’m hosting LIVE HALLOWEEN CONTEST EVENT TOMORROW on Oct 30th at 8pm on My Popa Yoga Facebook🎃🎃🎃Yaaay!!!
Mark your calendar and visit my page at 8pm♪ It’ll be a lot of FUN!!!

【To Vote】
📅Mark your calendar on Oct 30th Fri. 8pm−8:30pm

👀Open my face book page: https://www.facebook.com/junko.otani.9026  (Or search “Popa JapaneseCulture Yoga” on your facebook page!)

👆Click “like” button for the group that you liked!
The Winner(s), who live in Columbus area, will receive prizes♪♪♪

…Well it’s not gonna be the same as the one in-person… But still!! It’ll be a lot of fun to do something with friends and family!!
ANYONE is welcome🎵


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