Homemade Miso Paste

Miso soup is one of the most authentic Japanese dishes. Miso paste is known for a seasoning of miso soup.

You probably have tasted the soup before, but what about Miso paste itself?
We have three different types of miso pastes in Japan, white miso, mixed miso, and red miso.
Red miso paste is more aged, a little more sour. White miso is more fresh and it tastes sweeter than others.
It depends on your family which miso paste you use.
My parents are from Kagoshima, the southernpart of Japan, so they prefer white miso.
But my hometown, Nagoya, is known for red miso. Usually the restaurants there offer red miso soup as a side. I personally like White miso, maybe it’s because of my parents?

There are thousands of brands for miso paste in Japan so we can find the favorite one. It’s fun to taste different types of miso and see if you like it or not.

I had never made miso paste on my own before I came to the US since I had my favorite miso paste available at the store.

We don’t have so much choices of miso paste here, even at a Japanese market here in the US. So, I started to try making my own miso paste, it’s been two and half years, and I LOVE the taste♥️

Winter 2019

Well, it’s not easy to make miso paste.

First, it takes time! You’ll have to wait for 4-5 months to fully ferment the soybeans, salt and Koji (rice yeast). Also, you need to be extra careful about the hygiene when you prepare the miso paste, or the miso will go moldy afterwards…!!

However, once you know the taste of homemade misopaste, you can’t use the store bought miso paste any more. It tastes much more flavorful and not that salty, so you can eat the miso paste itself dipping vegetables etc.

Available at Tensuke Market in Columbus OH or Amason

I’ll have a cooking class online for making miso paste on Aug 1st, 2020. It’s only for the members. Feel free to join us if you already have a membership.

This experience will be quite unique and unforgettable for sure! The recipe is available HERE. It takes time as I mentioned, I think it’ll be great to have companies to enjoy this moment together!

Join us on Saturday the August 1st at 1pm – 3pm for the preparation. We’ll setup the jar and wait for 4 months. DO NOT touch or even move the jar till reopening!

We’ll get together again to open the package altogether in the end of November (TBD). Three. Two. One. Open…!! Oh Can’t wait!!

You’ll need dried soy beans (500g), Koji (500g), sea salt (250g) for making miso paste. All ingredients are available at Japanese market, you’ll be able to find them online! Any question? Ask Junko👍

Recipe is here. If you feel like trying? Let’s do it together!!!

Miso paste can be used for cooking various kinds of Japanese dishes. I often use miso paste for stirfried vegetables, Japanese BBQ, dumblings, and many more!

Miso paste will make your everyday dishes more flavorful, so we use it as a secret ingredient! ひみつの隠し味!

You can’t miss Miso Ramen when you visit Japan. My favorite ramen is absolutely Miso♥️ Sapporo in Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan, is well known for Miso Ramen.

Hope you find your favorite miso paste in the US, or you can make it by yourself, and enjoy your journey of Japanese food…!

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