Yellowstone National Park

Itinerary _Salt Lake City〜Yellowstone NP 2020

If you’re planning to trip to Yellowstone, be sure to bring winter clothes as well as summer shirts. It might get super cold!!! Be prepared to expose yourself in under 50℉ outside for trekking😁🤪😆 We even had some snow!! Oh my my!!
⚠️Some friends of mine told me there will be tons of mosquitoes when it’s hot. Bring certain clothes AND mosquito repellent!!

One more spot I really loved is “Artist Point” close to “Uncle Tom’s Fall”. It’s not the biggest tourist spot, but I actually loved this place the MOST. The views from the point were full with natural colors. If you are a camera man/woman, Oh you don’t wanna miss this spot for sure. 

If you have time, Grate Teton National Park located in the south of Yellowstone is must visit. You can see beautiful mountain views from anywhere in the park. Just drive through and take a deep breath! I saw a good bike course beside the main road, it’ll be great to bring your bikes! Don’t forget to pack your lunch…!

Junko will be more than happy to hear from you! If you have any thoughts or question, don’t hesitate to leave the comment or contact her! Stay well, guys!

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